Sunday, 10 April 2011

The Final Product

This is our finished music video meaning and overall we thoroughly enjoyed creating it, the only problem is that none of us can stand this song anymore but we are very proud of what we have achieved.

Editing Session - Improved Footage 2

For our last part of editing we decided to incorporate some more lip syncing in our video as our rough cut didn't contain much of it. We had a few gaps from what we left from editing the whole of the music video the previous day. These gaps would be where the lip syncing would be placed in the music video, this provided the right balance between both the performance and the narrative. We introduced each lip sync to the beat and made sure that each of the lip sync footage was parallel to the lyrics otherwise it would have looked contrapuntal and unprofessional.

Filming Session - Improved Footage 2

That night after further editing to our music video we went back to Lewis' to film more Lip syncing to add for the music video. This would complete our objective list for improving our music video to create a more realistic one. We filmed Lewis' friend as he was the lead singer in the performance we had previously filmed so it would only make sense we video him. We gathered a mix of mid shots and low angle shots which represent the lead singer is important in the video as well as the song. We had finally completed the filming for the music video and all there was to do to now was to finish the editing.

Editing Session - Improved Footage

On Monday 4th January we went back to school to edit the rest of our music video in which we gathered footage to improve it in terms of continuity and fluency as well as the audience understanding the narrative. We uploaded the footage and did what we said in a previous discussion and that was to manipulate the footage of the morph men performing robotic movements. We used repetitive reverse edits to each shot, this brought a sense of quirkiness to our music video and allowed us to break up some of the shots in the narrative which was one of our objectives after reviewing our class feedback. Another objective was introducing an ending to the narrative which would in turn give the audience an understanding of where it leads. We added this to the end of the music video as the music fades out. This didn't require any editing as there was no music to keep it parallel with. The problem was we felt that we could also improve a music video a bit more by introducing more shots of lip syncing which would also break up the shots of the narrative. So we decided that we would film some more lip syncing shots that night ready to be edited the next day in our double media lesson. this way we would have taken on all of our objectives in improving our music video and hopefully have a final version of it.

Filming Session - Improved Footage

The day after our discussion (2nd April) we decided we would film the footage that we would use to improve our music video this included two different shots. One filming two of us in different coloured morph suits performing robotic movements so we perform repetitive reverse edits used to cut up some of the shots in the narrative to create continuity and fluency in the music video. This footage would include mid shots of both people in morph suits as well as low angle shots capturing the feet and legs of the person in each morph suit this would give us plenty of footage to play with in terms of breaking up the long shots used in the narrative. The other shot would be used in the narrative to indicate where the narrative goes to the audience, this being the main character waking up to the narrative being a nightmare. We would capture this identically as we did in the first scene of the music video being a mid shot positioned at the end of the main characters bed, but this time capturing him waking up with a relieved face after facing a nightmare.

Discussion - How to improve our music video

The follwing day after the showcase (1st April) we as a group decided to meet for lunch to discuss our feedback from our peers as well as how we could take on this criticism in order to improve our music video overall. First of all we discussed that we would need to mix up the performance with the narrative to create a balance between the two. Another criticism we had to take on board was that there wasn't enough lip syncing involved in the performance. To deal with this we decided that we would gather more footage which includes the lead singer of the band performing more lip syncing. There were two more criticisms that stood out in the feedback sheets and that was that some shots lasted too long in the narrative and that the narrative never lead anywhere. So we came up with suggestions to improve these. One was to incorporate an ending to the music video so that the audience no where the narrative leads, our idea for this was to film an identical piece of footage to the beginning where the main character wakes up but this time he wakes up to a nightmare. The nightmare being the narrative. A solution to other criticism being that some shots lasted too long in the narrative was to add similar footage in a music video Lewis had seen recently called 'Rocker' where it shows repetitive reverse edits of people. We decided to take inspiration from this as we could no gather even more footage to incorporate into our video cutting some of the narrative shots in terms of length. We discussed we would film two of us dressed in morph suits performing robotic movements which wouldn't look out of place in the music video as the band were dressed in these and it would also add to the quirkiness of the music video. These quick reverse repetitive edits should allow a rythmic basis connected to the song through rhythmic editing.

This is the inspiration for our next set of footage we plan to incorporate into our music video.

Rough Cut